June 7, 2009

Baby Bottle Shaped Cards

These are made out of high quality card stock. The top is fashioned to look like a baby bottle top with the nipple and screw on cap. The cap is embossed to make it look like the ridges on a baby bottle.

The side of the bottle is also embossed for the measurements.

They can be made in any color you wanted. The ribbon will be different depending on the color, but will match the bottle.

The bottom could be left blank, or there are two types of congratulations to choose from. I could also put something about an invitation on the bottom if you wanted to use it as an invitation, or "thank you" for a thank you card. Just let me know.

They came packed with a matching envelope, card, baby envelope seal all together in a cello bag to protect them. They will be ready for you to give as a gift, or to use yourself.

The price is $3.00 each, with $1.00 for shipping. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact me.

Multiples pricing will be

1-10 - $3.00 each (shipping to be determined)
15-25 $2.50 each
25-75 $2.00 each
75-100 $1.00 each

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