November 14, 2009

Etsy Items

If you are interested in the notebooks, I would need to know colors and possible designs (circles, flowers, etc) you were interested in. I would take photos of all the paper before beginning for your 'approval'.

Pens $3.00 each

Mini Notebooks w/pen (price (including notebook and pen) $5.00 each

I don't have one of the notebooks available on hand to tell you the sizing, but I believe they are about 4x3.5 You can see the difference in height of the pen to the notebook.

8 1/2 x 11 notebook - Price for notebook and pen is $9.00 each. (the photo shows pens that are not beaded or personalized.. yours would be beaded and personalized)

If you want it personalized with a name (like in the photo below), the price would be $10.00 each.

inside pages

This is a mini legal size notepad. It is wrapped in a heavier weight file folder which allows for the pocket on the side. Price $10.00 each, personalized $11.00 each.


Shipping for pens alone should be around $3.00.

Shipping for the notebooks, would be more. Depending on which notebook you went with, would change the shipping rate. The MOST shipping should be is a medium flat rate box (due to the weight of the notebooks) which would be 10.30 (with free delivery confirmation).

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